Reduce glare, increase color vividness and clarity.
580 Technology [ NeoContrast ]

travel and go out

Travel and bus stop and view crisp and vivid

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The overuse of the eyes in ultraviolet light pours down over the year, personal computer or Smartphone.And color identification difficult, with aging in the eye lens (lenticular) dropped transparency clarity of views the blurry and the contours of.

Becoming known that causes ageing of the skin and eyes from UV., subject to the direct damage, unlike other organs, are only exposed on the outside.

Cataract and macular corneal Dystrophy (おうはん organizing would be), age effects of ultraviolet light causes serious damage to eyes.

More dark lens glare, prevent light glare power is weak.This is the conventional wisdom.

However, incorporated a lot of amount of light the human eye is very well done and go to a dark place and look better than the object.

In other words, is a pair of dark sunglasses can prevent glare by itself is automatically light many forget, so as a result, many incorporating ultraviolet light.

Patented technology can reduce the glare lens color is thin but it is 580 technology (Neo Contrast).

Has the effect that in addition to color, and improved sharpness and three-dimensionality.

One year throughout the trip and see through the 580 technology (Neo Contrast) when you go out in the can get back 10 or 20-somethings on the same color.



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