Reduce glare, increase color vividness and clarity.
580 Technology [ NeoContrast ]

sick of eye

Glare prevention of cataracts and cataract surgery

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Cataract progresses with age, so the no symptoms in the early stages when it is there.

When driving in a car at night in the street lights and headlights of oncoming cars are usually felt more intense glare seems to be possibility of cataract.
In addition, early cataract eye drops as often, some glasses and contact lenses to replace does not recover Visual acuity.

With low vision Ophthalmology a is there so many people first diagnosed with cataracts.
Reference site: Department of Ophthalmology, Advanced Medical Institute

Also, to 10/5 NHK in "sushimeshi" in a broadcast that vision with age has been declining so.

Said Cone (suitai) and on the back of the eye, feel the color sensor and the
1.Feel the blue cones at the entire 5% to 10%, cone's performance falls with age
2.(Yellow, blue, and scarcely) clouded yellow from transparent crystalline lens
With this double damage blue hard to see that is so.
Changes of the crystalline lens due to aging or Cone

In addition to blue, any other color cone's performance difficult to look down it will.

Recently, PC, Smartphone, and LED development of the appearance by adjusting the frequency as well as the differences in the appearance of color has been concentrated.

It may be early symptoms of cataract, until now, was seen with the naked eye 1.2 and 1.5 to hard to see recently and I feel comfortable.

Light scattered by a clouding of the lens of the early symptoms of cataract, thing is MISTED seem blurred, bright feel.

Lens cut that the scattered light is 580 technology (Neo Contrast).
Better drooping eyes, it's hard to see recently and feel about your look.



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